Campus and Facilities

ECA Campus/Facilities are located three of Australias biggest cities. We have locations in Australia with all the following amenities:


    ECA is situated in Central Business Districts (CBD) of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. ECA is a spacious and enticing fun and learning environment. Every campus is easily accessible via public transportation. There are many famous sites to visit unique to each city.

    For more information please visit our Location page.


    ECA offers a range of sized classrooms, suitable for a range of learning environments. Our lecture rooms have data projectors, computers, whiteboards and a range of other presentation support tools. Our English classrooms, are decorated by our students and have access to a range of audio and visual support materials.


    ECA tailors its courses to give students practical skills that can be transferred directly to the workplace environment. The Diploma of Accounting is a classroom-based course, however, trainers make every effort to relate the lessons to real life work situations. The Computer Lab is equipped with software characteristic of an accounting office environment.


    The kitchen and toilets are for the use for our students. We ask everyone to try to keep them clean. In our student areas, there are microwave ovens and refrigerators for use. Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own mess, and in addition, we have cleaners who come daily.


    Students have access to student lounge with couches, vending machines and kitchen fully equipped. We also have computer labs, open to our students.