Pawan Khatiwada is a recent Bachelor of Business graduate who completed his Victoria University degree through Education Centre Australia (ECA).

Student in profile: Pawan Khatiwada 2018

Having arrived from Nepal four years ago, Pawan came to Australia with the hope of gaining international business experience at the end of his studies. Today, thanks to the ECA Internship program, Pawan is now working in an Information Systems role at Dimension Data in Sydney.

At ECA, our successful internship program helps up to 1000 students like Pawan gain relevant work experiences every year. We provide a strong network of Learning Support Advisors, and give our students access range of professional development courses and interview training.

For Pawan, having access to this additional support has been a game changer. “I would say that ECA have changed my life. They have a nice team and they showed me how to develop my professional workplace skills. During my time there, I communicated a lot with Ian, one of their Senior Learning Support Advisors, and he was really helpful. I don’t think I could have got this far without their help” he said.

Like many international students, Pawan was drawn to ECA’s internship program because it offered him an opportunity to experience Australian business first hand. “Thanks to the internship, I really had the chance to be part of the Australian workforce. I wanted to know how Australian business people think. I wanted to move beyond the classroom and take part in the Australian workforce” he said.

Looking to the future, Pawan would like to be a Business Analyst and open his own consulting firm. When asked whether he would recommend ECA to other international students, Pawan’s response was emphatic; “Yes, definitely. They have a good team, and they put the needs of their students first. For me, the whole experience has been great”.

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