The 2018 Universities Australia Higher Education Conference officially commences today in Canberra, with the explicit intent of discussing the changing role that universities will play in teaching, learning and research into the future.

As key sponsors of the event, senior staff from the Education Centre Australia (ECA) will be on hand to share their knowledge on global growth partnerships and how they can connect universities with Australia’s booming international student market.

According to Mr Rupesh Singh, CEO of ECA, the hot topic for most of this years’ delegates will be ‘how can we expand our global reach, without taking unnecessary risk in the international student market?’.

“For many university decision makers, truly expanding into the international student market can be a daunting task. As many of the speakers here will confirm, the future of Australian education is global; however, many institutions are struggling to make the leap into the global arena.” He said.

For many universities, the issue comes down to either not having enough capital or being unsure of how to navigate new student markets. This is precisely where global growth partnerships such as those being spearheaded by ECA come into play.

Armed with an escalating and highly vetted student population from the subcontinent market, and the financial acumen to get things done, ECA offers Australian universities secure pathway to global expansion. For Victoria University, which has a ten-year connection to ECA, this has certainly been a successful approach.

“As the international student market heats up around the globe, Australian institutions such as Victoria University are choosing reliable business partners who can walk them through the exciting and sometimes daunting process of global expansion. More than anything else, our university partners tell us that they want to grow sustainably, and that they appreciate working with professionals who understand how to grow and excel in new markets” he said.

With Australia’s inbound education market currently worth $28.6bn, and with increased competition from countries such as the UK and Canada, Mr Singh says there’s never been a more crucial time for universities to consider their global future.

ECA is a primary sponsor of Universities Australia’s 2018 Higher Education Conference which will run from February 28 – March 2nd at the National Conventions Centre Canberra.