Students from India and Nepal are now outpacing those from China when it comes to percentage growth across Australia’s international student sector.

According to recent stats from the Department of Education and Training, Australia’s intake of Chinese students grew last year by 15 per cent while student intakes from India and Nepal recorded increases of 18 per cent and 55 per cent respectively.

These statistics are a good news story for the Australian higher education sector which is currently over-reliant on the Chinese market.

Two major Sydney-based universities have recently revealed that they currently acquire 70 per cent of their student income from China. It’s a situation that has prompted NSW Auditor General, Margaret Crawford to warn that universities need to assess their market concentration risk in the face of economic and political variables.

According to Mr Rupesh Singh, CEO of Education Centre Australia (ECA), this data should serve as an important reminder to universities that there is a booming and still largely untapped student market in countries such as India and Nepal.

“These students are just as carefully vetted and capable as those from China. As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, India alone has a booming middle class and over one million young people turning 18 every year. Many of these young adults are aspiring professionals who struggle to access a world-class education at home” he said.

By partnering with ECA, Victoria University has been an early adaptor to this market and is already reaping the benefits of a diversified student population.

As specialists in the international education market, Education Centre Australia invites enquiries from universities and other interested parties to find out more about their customised university partnership options.