Managers play a critical role in organisations around the globe. They steer the ship and manage the day-to-day operations to ensure everything is smooth sailing. Yet, according to Forbes, a Gallup survey has shown that 50% of employees who resign from their jobs do so because of poor management.

So, how can you ensure you have the skills you need to be an effective manager? What skills must you have to get that promotion you’ve always dreamed of so you can start getting paid what you deserve?

Here are 6 key skills you must have to be an effective manager:

1.Ability to think strategically

Managers need to have vision and a big picture view. They also need to have the knowledge and initiative to put strategies into action, as that’s the only way an organisation can move forward.



Effective managers are not resistant to change – in fact, they embrace it. They lead by example and guide their teams through complex organisational changes, addressing problems and supporting staff along the way.


3.Communication skills
Listening, speaking clearly, and getting key messages across without confusion, are all key traits of an effective manager.


4.Time management

Strong time management skills are an asset in the workplace, as managers need to constantly juggle competing priorities.


5.Skills in mentoring and coaching others

A great manager knows how to mentor and coach their team towards organisational goals. A strong understanding of how people learn effectively will help you to get the most out of your team.


6.Critical thinking and self-awareness

Great managers know how to analyse and evaluate problems, to make better decisions. Being able to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses leads to life-long learning, professional development and ultimately being the best at what you do.


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