As you all know, the Australian government has moved to restrict visitors to Australia by imposing 14 days of self-isolation on all new arrivals, effective from Monday 16 March. This is one of the measures designed to help reduce the spread of the virus which continues to develop around the world.

Within ECA we are continuing to monitor developments and take advice on the best way to proceed. This includes preparing plans for the possibility of a future temporary shutdown of campuses with a move to students studying remotely. The planning will ensure that we are ready for this possible scenario. For now, however, we continue as normal and there is no reason to believe that the risk has increased significantly for most.

Once again, we urge everyone to take extra special care with personal hygiene – especially washing of hands – and to ensure that anyone who is showing flu-like symptoms (coughing and fever) self-isolates at home and seeks medical advice. This is in your own interest and in the interest of others.

If you are anxious or have any questions please speak with Student Services.

Please monitor your emails regularly as this will be the most effective way for us to provide you with updates.


Contact Gavin Dowling (Chief Operating Officer) for any clarifications:

T:02 8260 3200
M: 0404 438 413
E: [email protected]