Our Managed Campus model is designed to support the growth of university partners by investing in new campuses in new markets;

  • We invest in and manage infrastructure
  • We help universities grow internationally and locally
  • We de-risk student acquisition
  • About us

    ECA is a reliable and trusted partner for Australian universities. We are known for our ability to understand and respond to the future of the international and domestic student market. ECA’s managed campus model provides a comprehensive service to university partners by recruiting and enrolling students, supporting them throughout the student lifecycle, expertly delivering courses and increasing student employability.

    What we do 

    We are proud to be leaders in international education.

    We offer outstanding learning opportunities through our managed campus solutions and strategic collaborations.

    1. We invest in new markets and new campuses
    2. We provide global pathways programs
    3. We de-risk student acquisition
    4. We support students on our campuses by providing them with the best possible educational experience, matching them with the right course for their career, and ensuring employability

    Our Providers and Partners

    At ECA, we are known for our ability to understand and respond to the future of the international student market.

    As part of our commitment to providing lifelong learning opportunities for the global student community, we offer a range of highly flexible university partnerships, three postgraduate awarding ins5titutes, ELICOS and VET as well as Professional Year, and Internships programs as well as employability solutions for graduates.

    Our Recruitment Partners

    ECA has built relationships with its authorised education agents across the globe. They help ECA recruit students offshore and onshore; as experts in the Australian university system, they can provide advice about  study and living options, they can also help with the application process and some agents can assist with other practical arrangements including flights, visas and accommodation. 

    We regularly host webinars, info sessions, launch events and celebrate our appreciation of the agents’ success with appreciation events.  

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    ECA has offices in Australia located in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne, as well as overseas offices in Ahmedabad, India and London, UK, and representatives all around the world.

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